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Split Elevator Air Conditioner

  • 50Hz 25 Elevator  Air Conditioner
  • Split Elevator Air Conditioner

Product Description


Brief Installing introduction:

1 . the main machine of the elevator air conditioner are installed on the upper beam of the
       elevator or fix by the rack to the upper beam.

2 . open an 200mm hole on the elevator car top for returning air.

3 . Tear off the original fan, heat insulating dealing to the car top interlayer, fix the subsidiary to
       the fan opening.

4 . lead the core of the remote receiving probe to car and fix it ;

5 . connect the copper pipe,condensate water pipe and electricity wire between the major
       machine and the subsidiary ;

6 . screw open the adjust vavle, discharge the air in the pipe and screw tight it ;

7 . Connect the power supply, use remote controller to set the running mode of “program
       control”, the air conditioner goes into auto running mode.

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